Arrange a romantic picnic on the lake.Prepare something good to eat, buy wine.Take a large blanket or rug.You can bask in the sun, swim, have a fun example, play on words of love theme or action games in the desire.
Go to the mountains, take a walk to the mountain waterfall.Types and beauty of nature cause a surge of positive emotions, evoke the gentle, romantic feeling.You can leave a love-sign recognition at the top of the mountain.After a long hike, you can relax at the same waterfall or go down to the river.Put the tent and stay overnight.The fresh air, the silence, the sound of water, heat campfire and starry sky - all this will create a romantic atm
osphere for you.
horseback riding.If one of the partners holds uncertainly in the saddle and ride a horse together.You can get away from the people who make a small picnic.Lie down on the grass, to talk about the future together.This situation usually has a lyrical dreamy mood.
In winter, you can go to the ski base, take an individual track and enjoy the skiing or tobogganing.New sensations only bring you closer to your loved one, and will make them a touch of tenderness and warmth to each other.You can add to your holiday a little mischief and creativity, for example, the blind, "a sculpture of love" from the snow.
There are so many unusual places where you can be alone and enjoy the joint rest.Go to the hot springs or spa lake.Retire to the so-called "wild" beach.Izmazhte each other mud, add some games and flirt.Your relationships will develop more harmonious and well, if you always feed them with new feelings and changing environments.
can arrange a romantic photo session for two.What are your impressions about the rest will be bright for a long time.You can rent a small video about your vacation in the nature (at the lake or waterfall), and then process it, put on some music, and you have your own romantic clip.