Tip 1: How to celebrate the housewarming

Housewarming for the hosts is a joyous event and at the same time responsible.After all, every family wants to make life in the new place has developed well to the wall did not leave the family fortune, wealth and happiness.How housewarming note properly to nice about it preserved memories of settlers and their friends?
If you honor and want to keep the old Russian tradition of the settlement house, the beginning of the universe in a new home you will have to run into him a cat because of beliefs is a pet is able to "negotiate"with evil spirits.
After the cat you are free to go to your new home.Preferably with a broom from the old home to the new you caught a familiar house.Now you can grab a bottle of champagne and a note check-in more prosaic way your family members.Next on the tradition laid, and you will be pleased, if your new house guests to visit.This is the second step of your holiday.
Plan, whom to invite, what to treat, than to have and what to drink, how t
o entertain.This will allow you to avoid embarrassing gaffes when taking people.The day before the feast well clean in their new home, as the new home - a holiday when visitors want to explore all the rooms.
Prepare or order all the treats and try to provide that everyone had enough dishes and cutlery.Since usually a housewarming not yet placed in its place and sedate reception does not happen, you can stand in the "camp" style and your meal: pizza slicing sandwiches on the table will look quite harmoniously.
Make sure that your guests will sit where.If there is no furniture, it is possible to get on the floor, lay carpet, or make pillows, air mattresses or mats, to all the guests sit comfortably.
Do not forget to place a table in the center of the towel, embroidered with green and red thread (a symbol of longevity and well-being), and put rushnyk novoselny loaf, garnished with a sprig of mountain ash and viburnum.
bad, if each of your guests for the first time in the House, will throw a coin over the threshold.Surely, this will provide further detail upbeat and cheerful mood throughout your company.
Introduce guests to each other, if they are not familiar with, and a tour of your home.
After that comes the turn of treats and feasts.In order not to turn into an ordinary house-warming party booze, you can think of a lot of different games, contests and dance, to talk about repair, listen to seasoned advice.Most importantly, do not forget about the good words for your guests.Even if your new home is still nothing, you already have a place where they can be invited.

Tip 2: How to celebrate the name day

unjustly forgotten during the Soviet era name day celebration returns to our lives.Unfortunately, even the elderly often do not know how to properly celebrate the name day , and arrange the usual lavish feast.So what should be done to remember the name day you and your guests?
How to celebrate the name day
you need
  • Serving a festive table in the old style - linen tablecloths, napkins, candlesticks, candles, etc.
  • loaf, baked their own hands.
  • Gifts for guests.
Name day or the day an angel - a holiday special.It is often confused with his birthday and celebrated as a secular holiday.This is not entirely correct.After birthday party - a special celebration of the Orthodox spiritual feast day of remembrance of the saint after whom you were called - your patron saint.And to celebrate it follows the Orthodox canons.
How to define your own name-day.Quite simply, if you are named in honor of the saint, the day of memory of which is found in the church calendar only once, it will be your day an angel.If some of these saints, you should select the day that is closest to your birthday ahead on the calendar.
As mentioned, birthday party - not a secular holiday.It is not accepted to invite many guests.It should only be called the most friends and relatives.Birthdays this day you must be sure to visit the church, confession and communion, put a candle to his saint, to thank him for spiritual help and support.The holiday was celebrated in a warm home.Thinking menus and entertainment, try to appeal to old traditions.For example, the table can serve using linen tablecloths and napkins, candles, stylized antique.But the most traditional entertainment on birthday party was always a loaf.It would be nice to bake it yourself.The loaf should be large.The dough is kneaded butter for him fresh water.Stuffing for birthday loaf may be meat, berries, mushrooms, and best of all - the fish.By the way, the caravan in the old days it was decided not to cut and break his head over the birthday.It was believed that the more crumbs and fillings will fall on his head - the more successful will be the next year.
As for gifts on the day of an angel, that should give symbolic Present - amulets, icons, designed to safeguard their owner.But he has to bestow birthday guests more valuable gifts.And here it all depends on your imagination, but remember - the most valuable and expensive gifts should get godparents mother and father.