you need
  • Sports equipment
  • Recorded music for charging and demonstrations
  • diplomas, medals, prizes
  • For competitions on tourism and orienteering - food layout to arrange dinner outdoors
Schedule day .Since this day normal lessons would not, it is best to select any Saturday.Match the time of the school principal, he shall issue the appropriate order.
Find out if any of the parents of people who can hold an interesting event and how it is sports.Talk to them, discuss what you can include in the program.
Consult physical education teacher.It is possible that day health can dedicate one some kind.For example, if many children are engaged in sports tourism and orientation, it is possible to deduce the nature of the whole school.Some guys will take turpolosu, others - the route of the compass and map.Tourism and orientation - are species that most often keen on the whole family.So, you can find mates from among parents who do and strip, and the fire will dissolve, and it will cook dinner.You can start a day health with the construction of the participants, the route passes the test, then the competition will be, and you can finish all the tea by the fire, and playing the guitar.
can spend the day health and straight into school , using the sports hall and the stadium.But in this case it is necessary to consider how to program and to discuss it with the head teacher of extra-curricular activities.
Prepare the necessary attributes and visual propaganda.As visual aids can make posters, wall newspaper on the sports life of the school, slide film, or even just a movie about the benefits of physical education.You also need certificates and prizes.
Start day health to build participants.You can pre-distribute the job classes to come up with humorous greeting, interesting name, logo and motto, and spend something like "competition greetings."However, this part should not be long.
Spend charge for all participants.It can be organized in the hall and in front of the school.Charging should not be very long, but dynamic, so that the muscles have warmed up children properly.
Ask the participants to the stadium.There is already everything should be ready.You can organize competitions in football and other team sports, cross-country race, various relay.If there are parents who do not mind to run and jump with their children, family teams arrange competitions.
End Holiday demonstration performances can be best athletes.Certainly in school have good gymnasts and wrestlers.These may be among the parents.Let show their skills to others.It is possible that after that someone else wants to do serious exercise.