If this party to celebrate the birthday, you can use bright colored balls.They can just tie up to curtains, shelves and furniture, glued to the wall, to make garlands and arches of balloons, which were very fashionable and popular recently.From small round balls can make flowers and attach them to the walls and carpets.If the birthday child, it is best simply to scatter around the room a large number of bright balls of different sizes, so that children can play with them freely.In addition, the balls just hanging on the wall, not very surprised by the child, but the baby, littered with balls, lead him into raptures.
for youth parties make good us
e of colorful helium balloons that can be hung from the ceiling, attached to them serpentine.You can use conventional balls that will stick to the ceiling if their pre strongly electrify hair.You can also buy original round transparent balls large, in which are placed a few small colored beads.Three to five of the balls perfectly decorate the room for the party.
Helium balloons can be tied to the tape for small loads on the floor and set at different levels - so they, too, will look very original.
If you plan to decorate the room balls on the occasion of the wedding, you will approach the bright red balloons in the shape of hearts.The more you buy them, the better.They can be placed anywhere - on the walls, the ceiling, the floor and even on the tables and chairs, as long as they were scattered randomly.In combination with traditional garlands and ordinary bulbs such ornament will look just fine.
for other special occasions can be purchased pearly balls of the same shape.Preferably they have pastel colors.Tying them shiny streamers, you can stick them to the wall using small pieces of double-sided tape.The balls can hang freely, but you can make them different patterns arches or write something.
Balloons will be a perfect decoration for any holiday.The main thing to choose the right color and shape and show imagination.