Tip 1: How to make a gift certificate

has recently become very popular to give for the holidays and birthdays gift certificates .Gift certificate - a document certifying the right of its holder to purchase appropriate items for a certain amount.
presented gift certificates are usually involved in professional printing companies.They are used to print high quality equipment and quality materials.Development projects design gift certificates conducted by designers with the wishes of the client.
To make a gift certificate specify what type of gift certificate you wish to issue.Certificates are different: registered and bearer.
Talk to the designer of the external design of the gift certificate: Speak its size, the quality of paper or cardboard, the presence of a picture or photos, be sure to specify the location of the name and logo of the store, information about it, select dates for the opening and the term of usecertificate, other features of the design.
Speak when ordering the required number of
gift certificates, terms of their production and the amount you have to pay.Be sure to make a contract for the execution of the order.
Modern online shopping also use gift certificates to attract customers.A gift certificate is purchased in the online store, and then the purchase of goods is activated.Activate certificate can make the necessary steps on the site, or by using a numerical code.Activate only paid certificates .
Checkout online store using a gift certificate is similar to the process of buying any thing.The only difference in the payment of your order.Payment will take place using a gift certificate.Follow the instructions on a computer monitor.

Tip 2: Gift Certificate - a universal gift

Virtually any celebration is complete without gifts.Sometimes it's hard to think of what to give to a friend, to please him.To help may come gift certificate.
Gift Certificate - a universal gift

Goodies gift certificates

Sometimes the main problem when choosing a gift can be a limitation of financial resources.If this it is known that it wants to get the hero of the occasion as a present, a gift certificate to the appropriate store can be a good solution.By adding a bit of money, gifts to be able to fulfill your dream and purchase the desired thing.

Gift certificate help out in the case when you need to congratulate the unfamiliar man, the preferences are not known.For women, the most versatile become certified in a beauty supply store or salon.Men are not suitable certificate in the sports shop or salon equipment.

Young people love our gift certificates for any entertainment.For example, a bowling alley, amusement or billiards.Give it should be the people who love and visits such places, otherwise the certificate risks remaining not cashed.The main advantage is such a gift is received it decides and selects exactly when he will go to entertainment.

Gift certificates do not limit the rights in certain gifts.They just put the scope in the selection limited to certain store or salon.In addition, by selecting a costly thing a person can pay the remaining amount.Or, conversely, do not buy one, but several favorite items.

certificate purchased at any large chain stores, can be repaid any store that is part of the holding, regardless of its geographic location, ie, it could be another city or even the region.

Cons gift certificates

minuses at such a universal gift a little, but still they are there.Basic - limit the period of validity of the certificate.This means that the cash must be for a specific length of time specified on the reverse side.

Another important point is that if the certificate will be paid for the purchase, which is less than the stated amount in the form, the difference will be refunded.

also the certificate extends only to goods and services provided by the organization, which was acquired by a gift: a specific store or retail chain, certain gym or beauty salon.

Many stores when purchasing goods in a gift certificate for a discount does not apply on a discount card for the buyer.

The amount of the gift certificate can vary widely: 500-10000 rubles and more.But not everyone agrees to publicize the value of gifts made to them.In this case, the certificate as a present is not suitable.
Ease gift certificate is a certificate that the recipient can choose their own gift.And it will be exactly the gift that he wants, not a useless thing, which will take place in a box among others the same.

usually gift certificates for a certain type of goods bought in stores.In addition, you can buy a gift certificate on sale, or to win competitions.Or get it as a bonus for active purchases (sales).