August 28 is celebrated one of the most important Christian holidays - the Assumption of the Virgin.On the earthly life and the circumstances of the death of the Mother of God is known very little.It has survived some fragmentary information about it, according to the Acts of the Apostles and the apocryphal essay by an unknown author "On the Assumption of the Virgin."These sources make it possible to the life story of Our Lady after the execution of her son - Jesus Christ.

According to legend, after the ascension of the Savior Mary lived another 12 years.First she settled in Ephesus with Mary Magdalene and John the Evangelist.A recent years, Our Lady held in Jerusalem, where he often talked with the Apostle Luke, who wrote a lot in his Gospel with her words.

3 days before the death of Mary was the angel Gabriel, warned her about this and gave the palm.According to church legend, the hour of the Assumption at her bedside gathered all the apostles, except Thomas.Suddenly, the light filled the room where Maria lay, and saw apostles of Jesus Christ, who appeared for the immaculate heart of the Virgin.The body of Mary was buried in the cave of Gethsemane, there has rested her parents and Joseph. Assumption church is treated not as a death, but only as a temporary separation of the soul from the body.

come to Jerusalem, 3 days after the Assumption of Mary Thomas, asked to open the tomb to say farewell to the deceased.When this is done, we found in a cave a fragrant veil, and the body in the tomb of Mary was gone.At the same moment she was Our Lady of the Apostles, and spoke about her ascension.

From the history of the holiday Assumption

In early Christianity, when there was no complete biography of the Virgin Mary Assumption of the Virgin is not celebrated.It is believed that this festival originated in about 5-6 century, had ended after the theological disputes about the "divine essence" of the Mother of God.The last period of her life on earth is described in the book "The Legend of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin."It is the only source on which the church rests.

holidays in Russia Assumption merged with the previously noted farmers festival to mark the end of the harvest.The widespread veneration of the Virgin Mary, as the patron saint of farmers, provided the Assumption popularity among the faithful. Dinner in peasant families on this day was special, the Assumption.It usually consisted of sour milk with oatmeal.

this day is usually after the prayer service in the church made a procession to the short field.It was done out of gratitude for the harvest shot and hope for the future.On the day of the Assumption of the organized secular feast for which they baked cakes of flour and boiled new "fraternal" beer.Assumption is considered the last day of summer, so the first night in the huts lit a torch or a candle - and had dinner by the light.