you need
  • a piece of red cloth, preferably velvet, plush and shiny;
  • a piece of white cloth or artificial fur;
  • pins;
  • needle, thread and scissors;
  • decorative elements: beads, snowflakes, etc.(optional).
Take the red cloth and vykroyte of her triangle height from 30 to 50 cm (depending on the value of the finished product), with a base width of head circumference potential Santa Frost plus2-3 centimeters (SEAM).Then sew it into a cone and remove the wrong side inside.
Next sheathe edge artificial fur cap or a white cloth.Cut a long strip of head circumference plus an allowance of 2-3 cm and a width of about 8 centimeters.Sew the tape resulting in a ring so that its diameter is equal to the diameter of the bottom of a red piece.Then gently bend to the insid
e of about 1 centimeter cloth / fur.For convenience, better stab pins.It is necessary that the cut was not noticeable.Then attach the ring to the red white blank in such a way as to obtain an imitation of white lapel of about 4 centimeters wide.The remainder of the tissue / fur wrap inside the cap.All construction lock pins, otherwise keep it straight while sewing fail.Edge white cloth / fur inside tuck is not necessary.Then sew white lapel neat stitches to the red base.The best result will be achieved with faux fur - it small stitches are not visible at all.Do not forget to pull the pin after sew items.
The tip cap should be white pompom.In that case, if you used the cloth, you can take a small scrap, roll it into a ball and tighten in a small piece of white cloth in the bag, pulling the edge of the thread, and then sew it to the end caps so that the edges are not sticking.If you have used the artificial fur, everything is easier - to collect a small piece of thread and sew fur.
To cap Santa Claus turned more festive and elegant, it can be decorated.For example, sew beads or beads, with due skill, you can even use them to sew snowflake.A simpler and faster option - snowflakes stick foil or shiny silver film.To decorate hats recommended that you use silver and white colors as they naturally look at this situation.Other colors can cause association with ethnic costumes, but not with the popular hero of children's tales.