you need
  • - products;
  • - BBQ;
  • - skewers;
  • - grating;
  • - folding tables and chairs;
  • - games for recreation.
advance notice of all with whom you are going to go to rest on nature.Solve organizational issues.The most important issue is the venue for a picnic.If you plan to mark a significant event among friends, choose the event for the bank of the river, lake or forest clearing in the country.Do not forget, if the weather is arid, picnics in the forest is prohibited, so only river or lake.
Solve the question of the manner in which you get to the picnic venue and back.The most common option - it is the use of personal vehicles.Several cars can easily take to the resort of all the friends, tents, barbecu
es, provisions.In a pinch, you can use the services of commercial transport, hire a van and drive to the venue.
How to have a picnic
Make menu.Two main options.You take with them all that prepared the house and further marinate meat, buy kupaty, sausage and cook it all on the grill.Do not forget to buy enough soft drinks to take a tea brew coffee.If you plan to mark a significant event, prepare alcoholic beverages, taking into account the tastes and preferences of your company.
Barbecue skewers, grill, charcoal, lighter fluid - it's all what you need for a relaxing holiday.
to prepare the organization of the table or a special disposable utensils for a picnic, paper and wet wipes, blankets, tablecloths, towels, folding tables, chairs, bags for garbage collection.
If you take with you products that can deteriorate quite quickly, take care of cooler bag, presented in a wide range of stores.Buy them can be in specialized departments of leisure goods.
Bring a game designed for outdoor activities.It is suitable badminton, volleyball and soccer balls.If you plan to swim, you can capture air mattresses, rubber boats, life buoys.