Telephony in Germany functions perfectly and to make calls within the country, usually simply call the hotel by phone 08/11/33 (information bureau in Germany) or 08.11.34 (International Information Bureau).For these phones, you can get information about telephone numbers in Germany and about the rules they set.You can make an international call using a payphone.Public coin phones on the streets of German cities you will not see - instead they have payphones working exclusively with phone cards.Buy a phone card can be in a specialized shop, a telephone exchange (in the machine) or at any tobacconists.Also in Germany there are pay phones that do not take phone cards and credit.Public payphones can be used if you do not want to call from the hotel.In addition, international calls can be acco

mplishes and post offices, as well as via the Internet.Try not to call the restaurant or out of their rooms in the hotel, since this service can cost you much more expensive than calling them a public payphone or post office.To call from Germany to Russia, you must dial the international dialing code of Russia - 7. After the international telephone country code specifies the code necessary cities.The combination of numbers to call, for example, in Moscow, will be as follows: 00-7-495-local phone number.In this case 00 - a code for international telephone line, 7 - the country code, and the 495 - city code.Therefore, to call Germany home, remember the area code, which is more useful to you.Using a telephone for international calls, remember that between Germany and Russia there is a difference of time zones, so you are interested subscriber can have long been fast asleep, while in Germany, only it was evening.