If you are supporters of active recreation, head to the hike.Route necessarily agreed upon in advance, think how many days you want to spend on vacation, and what the purpose of a hike (climb or a few days in a tent by the lake).If possible, discuss all contentious issues, bring the appropriate equipment, map, first aid kit, documents, money and go on vacation.If anyone of you is going to try this type of holiday for the first time, reduce the duration of 2-3 days.
In the warmer months, and subject to availability 7-10 days you can go to the sea and settle on a wild beach.It will also require specific equipment.As in the first case, this option is ideal for independent travelers who can easily and want to give up almost a
ll the benefits of civilization for a few days.We have a lot of wild vacation benefits: extreme conditions closer, you'll learn what a "paradise in a tent", and also test the strength of their own resourcefulness when, for example, will begin a storm or bad weather.
you want to enjoy nature, to preserve the possibility at any time to take advantage of the warm shower, a fireplace, drink something from the bar?Take a cottage in the country.Pros: the ability to retreat away from the busy city, stroll through the woods or the lake, choose a recreation program at will.During the summer - swimming in the lake, fishing, bike rental, in winter - ski jogging or skating, sauna.Due to the small distance from the city center, you can at any time interrupt the rest.This option is ideal for those couples who have just started to build their relationship.
If on the territory of your city or region has a reserve, and you have left will be two full days off, go there.Usually, in such places provided motels, hotels and equipped area for leisure tourism.Among the advantages - the ability to show the girl wild animals in the vicinity, without fear of being eaten or crippled.Do not want to leave the city?A picnic on the waterfront or in a park.Even more interesting would be to go to the desired position on the bike (can be rented).Typically, picnic will suffice 3-4 hours.