you need
  • - BBQ;
  • - hearth for the fire;
  • - paper;
  • - lighter fluid;
  • - gas burner.
in all its variations is a BBQ metal box.Well, if complete with barbecue and there is a special focus for the fire - a small container with holes for ignition.This will simplify your task.In a pinch, you can do without it.It can be done independently of a large tin, to which it is necessary to remove the lid and the bottom, and cut holes in the walls.Put the grill in the center, at the bottom of the hearth should be placed the paper and put on top of small pieces of a special coal for barbecue or small splinters.Through holes in the hearth burn the paper.Ideally, the fire will light immediately.W
hen the fire will spread from paper to coal, and the flare up, remove the hearth.Do this carefully, because the fire will heat up the bank.
If coal or wood chips do not light up, you can use lighter fluid.Buy it at the store in advance.Carefully inspect, to exclude the presence of open flames near you that no liquid caught fire and exploded.Carefully drizzle liquid on the coals.Typically, 500 grams of coal requires about 70 milliliters for ignition.If you use more food can get bad taste.Then fold the small charcoal pyramid.Hold a lighted match to it.In its request the ignition with a liquid, you can use the fireplace, but it is usually not required.
If you fire up a brazier in the wind, it can prevent the buildup of fire.Try portable gas garelkoy a balloon.Keep it burning until the charcoal starts to burn.In this case, the wind will not blow out the fire immediately.Using this method, follow the safety rules.Coal is also better to sprinkle the liquid.This will speed up its fire.