you need
  • - cardboard, papier-mâché
  • - glue (PVA, wall or Klester)
  • - acrylics
  • - brushes of different widths
  • - accessories (beads, rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, cloth, etc.)
  • - universal outlines or edge (gold, silver, black)
  • - scissors, thread, needles, paper knife
Conditionally manufacturing masks candivided into two parts:

- shaped mask manufacturing

- decorating masks
If you have a ready-made mask, the decoration does not take much time and labor.You will need your desires and fantasies.The main thing is not to overdo it with the details.Variations great variety of jewelry, such as:

- lacy mask.With glue pieces of white lace, gold
or silver acrylic paint, beads and rhinestones can get very "rich" mask.

- glossy mask pattern.Using acrylic paints, paint with three-D effect, lacquer or varnish, holographic sequins can create a very bright, cheerful mask.

- classical mask.Using only white paint, making "anonymous" mask.

- festive mask.Taking braid, silver and gilding, tiny bells, brocade, silk and feathers can make a real carnival mask large.

And so on.
If you are going to surprise everyone, not only the beauty of the masks and a flight of fancy, but also the skill, then you should resort or to the simplest method of manufacturing a mask - made of cardboard, or more complex - made of papier-mache.
of cardboard:

1. Cut out the shape of eight, and you can from one side without cutting, adding extra detail, simulating the pen.

2. Make holes for the eyes

3. Attach the stretch yarn or a special wand - the holder

4. Zadekoriruyte foil wrapping paper.Add more vivid detail.You can also attach a piece of sheer fabric, to get the veil.

1. Narva as much paper

2. Prepare glue or Klester

3. Inflate the balloon and obkleyte profusely soaking in the glue.

4. When the form dries ball can be punctured, cut in half and shape

5. On the dried up semicircular shape, add a few layers for strength

6. Make a small ball - nose again obkleyte.It is at this stage is to smooth out any unevenness.

7. Do the same for the lips.

8. Again let dry form

9. Make holes for the eyes

10. Paint the white paint

11. Zadekoriruyte to your taste
mask is ready and it's time to try it.