you need
  • - camping tent;
  • - folding table;
  • - folding chairs;
  • - cauldron or pot;
  • - dishes;
  • - tent;
  • - self-inflating mats;
  • - sleeping;
  • - gas burner;
  • - lamp;
  • - shovel;
  • - Saw;
  • - oilcloth.
Perhaps the most important piece of equipment - an excellent and high-quality camping tent, which is slightly different from the real home.It is possible to go without bending the head, it has a separate bedroom, and sometimes more than one.In many camping tents, there is a large corridor or hall, which can accommodate a dining room or kitchen.
undesirable to your vacation spot was visible from the road, entrance sho
uld be comfortable, so that it does not become limp in case of heavy rain.If several tents, put them in a circle, inputs towards each other, leave space for a tent that will serve as a place for meals.Use the self-inflating camping mats thickness of five to ten centimeters - this is an excellent insulation from the ground and maximum comfort.
sleep is still recommended in sleeping bags or blankets, they are very convenient and practical for this type of holiday.So, now you need to proceed to the arrangement of the kitchen-dining room.What a kitchen without a table?Compact folding table allow you to cook, cut the necessary products and have a maximum comfort, without fear that they will be sand or debris.Sitting still better on folding chairs or chairs that are very comfortable and compact for transportation.
If you suddenly caught in the rain, and so want to eat or drink hot tea, you can not do without a gas burner.There are several types of burners: liquid-fuel, gas or multifuel.Yet should opt for a gas burner with a remote hose and piezo igniter.Use only branded cartridges with gas and do not charge the used cylinders.
Light camping tent and table lamps, fortunately, their choice is huge.You can use the gas lanterns that run on the same cartridges as the torch and give the power of 40-120 watts.This lighting will allow you to extend the fun and feast all night.In no case do not use the gas lamp to illuminate the closed space in the tent, otherwise you can be poisoned by fumes and to highlight best suited LED camping lantern.
Arrange a fire at a distance of not less than seven meters away from the tents and nearby trees.Under the future fireplace dig a hole, removing the sod.On the windward side of the fence arrange some wind.Not far from the camping place a sink with water.For food storage pantry and a kind of scoop, pour a bucket of river water, the water is absorbed and the basement will be cooler.Put the bottom of the oilcloth, put food and cover boards.