Analyze your state of mind at the moment.Do you feel the inner harmony?Whether you are angry at the people surrounding ?We need to look at ourselves honestly as possible.If you are often angry at people , even if it does not show it outwardly, it is not surprising that there are evil people, and on your way.There is a law - things like that always attract.So first of all start by changing yourself.Start tune friendly towards other people.Do not allow yourself to show aggression and anger.If you feel that
you are jealous of someone, there's a simple way to get rid of it.Take a look at envy as a desire to live someone else's life.This desire is unnatural.Envy - this is the desire to be someone else, not themselves, other people want to progress, while the most interesting - to be themselves, to make their own discoveries.Think about it.
If you notice that someone takes toward you malice, envy, aggression does not reciprocate.Restrains, do not let such a negative emotion, because to live with them is very difficult.First, internally, as you can sincerely sympathize with this man.After all, his anger sharpens it every day, and obviously it does not make him happier.Second, understand that this has caused his reaction to you.Perhaps this is some of your actions, unfair to him, if such a thing was really, try to talk to this man, to understand the problem together.If his anger not motivated by anything other than envy.Stay away from such a man.Join with him in a verbal altercation possible only if you feel the emotional and intellectual strength to do so.But remember that any negative emotion acts like a vampire, it takes away your mental energy.So envious better to keep a distance.
Protect yourself with your faith.You can read a protective prayer.But do not ask that the evil people are punished, and the mind to help you overcome the opposition.Pray for the protection of their homes, children, prohibiting meetings with negative people.It may also help to pray for that person.Ask for a higher power to help the offender, and give him a reason.A very important thing - your own inner spirit.I wish you all (even those who can name the enemy) only what he wishes for himself, so good.This rule will never cease to be true.