you need
  • - Tapes,
  • - Scissors,
  • - Feathers,
  • - paints for glass,
  • - Beads, crystals, mesh and other decorative elements,
  • - adhesive (glue gun; PVA; instant glue crystal, super-glue).
Pick wide ribbons that will fit your wedding decoration.This may be tape with a finish identical bridesmaid dresses, velvet or silk ribbons, delicate lace ribbons and tapes, even with rhinestones.Measure the length of the required length, so that you can wrap them middle glass bowl.Stick the tape to the glass.To decorate wine glass stem, insert a thread in the edge of another segment of the tape and pull it "skirt", which can be glued to both stem at the bas
e of wine glass and wine glass by the bowl itself in a place where it just becomes a thin leg.Samu leg Fougeres previously wrap a thin ribbon in a spiral.
Glass compositions can simply strew roses and ribbons made of silk ribbons.The flowers carefully glue beads (imitation dew), decorative elements, crystals.The optimum number of small roses - 3-5 pieces.Bow ribbons advantageous to look at the wine glass stem.Single large flowers supplement segment mesh or lace, as well as the artificial leaves and stick to the glass.
to more intricate and patterned glasses decorate wedding , shall describe their special paints for glass and ceramics.They will not be washed off and crumble at the touch of hands.A thick coat the surface of the wine glass beads and rhinestones.An adorable painting will look purchased decorative flowers with rhinestones.
looks amazing wedding glasses , decorated with artificial flowers, roses.Disassemble a large rose on the individual petals.Okleyte these elements upper legs, mimicking a flower (bowl goblet - bud stalk - the stalk).By adding nylon flower bow with dangling ends, glue rhinestones on foot.Glasses can be decorated with live buds.But by the end of the evening they will most likely fade.
striking and original solution would be an ornament of feathers.Feathers, colored and white, small and large, can be purchased in stores for needlework.Framed they rose ribbons, lace or flowers stickers from artificial petals.Feathers give airiness and easy to create a drawing.Feathers and pretty as the only decoration goblet - just collect ribbons, beads and feathers small bunches and stick to the glass.