One way to decorate bottles - sew miniature bride and groom's suit and put them in the bottle .The creation of such orders require time.If among the friends of the bride have needlewoman, ask her to do the costumes.Well if the dress on the bottle will be combined with the dress of the bride.Do not forget about the groom's tie or a butterfly.Such bottle funny look.
Bottles can be decorated with paintings.For this special circuit (gold, silver or bronze), draw a pattern on the glass edging, wait until dry and gently contour paint the picture.Use special acrylic paints, do not
dilute them with water because they lose their resistance.Try not to paint over the line circuit - so the effect of stained glass pattern gain.Both bottle shall describe in the same style, but not necessarily the same.
Since bottle of champagne, as a rule, dark glasses, they will be advantageous look bright decorations.To decorate, take long light round in cross-section cord, secure it with glue at the bottom of the bottle .Wrap the bottle in a spiral, where a cord lay a solid ring to the ring, where it is indented from the previous series by 0.5-1 cm. Tighten the neck cord with glue so that it does not interfere with the opening of the bottles.On the cord sew gold beads and rosettes ribbons - can be in any order, and may be in groups.
If you own technique of crochet, tie with white thread Case for bottle .It is not necessary to knit his thick viscous, it is better to cover was an openwork and how would consist of lace.Ready Case decorate with beads, ribbons, flowers, ribbons and sequins.Try to choose the flowers are not very large - they will look awkward.
impressive look bottle , painted in a contrasting color.Paint one bottle of black, and the other - white.In a black bottle close to the base paste broad band of white lace, and white bottle - exactly the same lace, only black.More than anything it is not necessary to add such decoration looks concise and a little Gothic.