Tip 1: What to give for a wedding

You have been invited to the wedding, but you just can not decide on a gift for the newlyweds?If you give a dinner service would not be desirable, and the money in the envelope you seem to be too boring for this, do not despair.There are many other, more original surprises for the young family.
you need
  • - money;
  • - Scotch;
  • - gift certificate;
  • - Photo newlyweds;
  • - album.
In fact, the money in an envelope today few people are surprised.But the bills are one of the best of gifts to the bride and groom, because they are able to buy what they really need.And you'll avoid an awkward situation when presented with the third or tenth vacuum mixer.If you put money in an envelope you do not want to use a version of the original design of its monetary surprise.
Make carpet of money.To exchange them for small denomination notes and fasten together with tape or small needles so as to obtain a small rug.You can give it with the words: "I wish you that all your life path has been str
ewn with similar carpets."Another option how to present such an original gift - invest the money in a large family photo albums instead of photos.Himself album will be a great addition, because a couple can embed their best shots on the memory.
Find an alternative if you give money to categorically do not want to.For example, you can purchase a gift certificate to a store.For example, the one which sells household appliances and various household goods.Thus, the bride and groom can choose anything you need.
Creative imagination.An unusual gift for the newlyweds would be their portrait painted in oil.To implement this idea, you need to turn into an art studio, taking a photo with a picture of your friends.This picture takes pride of place in the house of the newly-fledged family.
Take care of the presents in advance.If you know what movies like the bride and groom, get a license disks with their favorite films.This collection will be a pleasant surprise for the heroes of the occasion.It is also useful to set the picnic table for breakfast in bed, or other such things.As you can see, choose what to give for a wedding, is not so difficult if you have a sincere desire to please the young ones.

Tip 2: What to give newlyweds a wedding adult

wedding for any couple is an event that fundamentally changes their lives.From that day the couple lives in one piece and in sorrow and in joy.Therefore, on this day they expect from their loved ones special gifts.
What to give newlyweds a wedding adult


Of course, the easiest way for guests to give money.In this case, with a gift will not have to bother especially, and the couple will be able to independently decide where handed money would be best spent.However, the bride and groom may choose instead of "bills in an envelope" useful things.

Gift Suggestions

When guests choose a present for newlyweds, they should be guided by several principles, so as not to spoil the long-awaited gift for the wedding.Newlyweds need to ask in advance what they are most suitable as a gift.This must be done to ensure that the festival did not work so that was presented with two sets of bedding, or, for example, three of the mixer.In order not to be in an awkward situation, and the couple may return the product to the store and choose something suitable to your taste, you need to keep receipts.Therefore, as you can select the appropriate model, and long before the wedding ceremony, and it is desirable to buy a couple of days before the holiday.Present better beautifully packaged, it will look much brighter, more interesting and richer.To young to know who to thank, to the presents you need to add a card with signatures.At present do not have to skimp, because this event is not held as often as, for example, New Year or birthday.You must not forget to remove the price tag from the gift, even if the purchase is expensive, not necessarily young to know.The wishes of the bride and the groom is necessary, because sometimes a cheaper thing is much more useful on the farm.


Appliances can be a very useful gift for the newlyweds.For example, a washing machine can be the perfect assistant for the bride.After all, the role of the wife in her household chores will be added.When choosing a washing machine is better to choose a model automatically.Wash it would be simple and easy, and the future wife will never know about the problems of the conventional washing.Refrigerator - not the last thing in the economy.Such a gift is usually done by relatives as a good refrigerator is far from cheap.When you select it is necessary to focus on the quality and volume of materials.Select the model that fits a maximum of products for the newly formed family.Gas or electric stove is another kind of art to the present owner.A good stove should become not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but a friend and battle newly founded wife.
  • carpet of money for the wedding