Ready scheme - the easy way out.Replacing scale and leaving the scheme, you can make a completely unique work of art.Such schemes can be downloaded on any website dedicated to beading.
To create a schema, you can put it on paper (depicting exactly elliptical shape of the workpiece) or the egg itself.In the second case, you have to come up with a way to later remove pencil marks, if the jewelry is made of transparent or filigree beads.Use different symbols and shapes to describe the colors and shapes of beads (glass beads, cutting, beads ...).In both cases, obey the scale,
so that later it was not necessary to change the course of the scheme.
If you draw a diagram on paper, is perfectly right to represent it in color.You can immediately identify, has not lost any transparent beads on a bright blue background, would not hurt the eyes a combination of purple and yellow, etc.
material plays an important role, which you strung beads: string, fishing line, wire.A string of soft and flexible, the line has a greater elasticity, and the wire keeps the shape perfect.The color of this material impact on the perception of color beads, especially transparent.Therefore, flexible and light ornaments choose strong thread or fishing line to match the beads, and the parts requiring rigidity and woven opaque bead, braid wire safely.
When properly braided egg beads strictly follow the pattern.The slightest departing from it can distort the shape and do a great job worthless.Take breaks every half hour, to regain strength and rest the eyes.If you want to have time for Easter, start work on Shrove Tuesday.