Decorate the room balls - this is the most popular element of the wedding decor.Pick a model of different colors and shapes, case - in the form of hearts or swans.You can make interesting compositions of several balls.The best thing to do to buy helium balloons.
scattered in the room of the bride small balls of gold, white or pink.They can be used as a last barrier for the groom to the bride on the way.
Arrange in a room on the floor of a small white or red candles in the form of the heart, if the size of the room allows.Candles well decorate a mirror of the bride, dressing table, chest of drawers, window sill.Battery drape a beautiful cloth, and put on the windows vase with fres
h flowers, but without packaging.
Tie to a chandelier or a lampshade many white ribbons organza or satin;paper wedding figures.The higher ceiling, the longer ribbons can be.
Decorate the room with flowers.If the wedding is held in the summer, the room will look perfect bride living wildflowers: cornflowers, daisies, bluebells, daisies and golden spikes.Put them in a wicker basket and put in a few places.This decor will create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.
Apply for not only the battery, and the window sill, but the doors.Take sided transparent tape and drape the fabric, and then using the same adhesive tape decorate it with paper hearts, artificial buds, balls.
Hang on the door wedding heart, which can be bought in a specialized salon or do it yourself using a wire, beads, fabric flowers, ribbons, feathers, glue.
Arrange the corridor up to the room of the bride candle, alternating with white or pink flowers of starched cloth.Before the arrival of the bride should be the spark to ignite.Similarly, you can decorate and steps leading to the apartment.
Select several memorable and successful photos of the bride and bridegroom, get them original wedding frame and arrange the room so that they "looked" at the front door.