you need
  • - phone;
  • - card;
  • - products and objects serving a festive table;
  • - accessories for outdoor recreation.
sure to call my mother on this day, even if you live in another city.If she did not immediately answer, do not worry and do not be offended, because the health worker can be on duty even in their professional holiday.Call back later.It's okay if you have to postpone the greeting in the evening or even the next day.The main thing - do not forget about the event.
mother, who for many years worked in a medical facility, be pleased to receive a po
stcard.Take care of this in advance, because the delivery of correspondence by regular mail may take a few days.Postcard Happy Medic caught in every stall, but you can choose another suitable topics.Better if it will be without the text.Then you can come up with a witty text that would allow virtually any subject related to the professional holiday.For example, on the card with smiling baby face, you can write that mom makes children healthy and happy.In the end, you can always find a suitable image on the Internet and print.But in this case it must be sent in an envelope.This surprise will please my mother, even if you live with her in the same apartment.
If a mother refers to his profession nurse or doctor with a sense of humor, funny picture, select from the life of physicians, redraw or print it and hang it in a prominent place.This immediately creates a festive mood in the house.
Arrange gala dinner.It is not necessary to prepare a large number of foods.You can simply turn on the menu my mother's favorite dishes, even if it is the most that neither is an ordinary pea soup or shop burgers.Beautifully Set the table, put flowers, exquisitely decorate what you have prepared - and even ordinary lunch will be festive.Can we add to this original pastries and other sweets.
Arrange a picnic, especially if you live near the forest.You can invite my mother's colleagues and take on all the kebabs, the benefit of the end of June weather usually allows.Congratulate all at once.Be sure doctors enthusiastically taken up by your idea and you all have a great time.
Book for Mom congratulations on the radio.Call to the editor in which the transmissions mom happy listening.Surely there are concerts on demand, and on the Day of medical calls is usually a lot.Ask to fulfill her mother's favorite song.Congratulations on your professional holiday, and can be on local television, and through the newspaper.
on professional holiday give expensive gifts to families is not very accepted.But a little souvenir of your mom will love.The gift can be anything - cosmetics, jewelry, a good book, a beautiful household items, for which my mother gazed for a long time, but did not dare to buy.