Clothing for parents to be cleverly chosen and reasonableness.For example, to the ladies look as elegant, can be worn short or long dress for special occasions.However, remember that in a completely white dress can only be a bride herself.
black solid color - also not the best option for women.It is also not suitable red dress with sparkling sequins or too deep neckline and bare shoulders.Therefore, give preference to neutral colors and modest tailoring.For example, the mother of the bride at a wedding can afford to put on a dress or a suit of pearl, pas
tel go any other light color.
Wedding Celebration as usual lasts the whole day, so the choice of footwear Treat wisely.It is desirable that the shoes were not only elegant but also most convenient.In the most extreme case please bring a pair of replacement shoes.Ladies is better to prefer a discreet and calm gold or silver jewelry set.
man can wear to a wedding of any festive costume, whether it is checkered, striped or solid color.You can not use a tie, but it is a desirable addition to the suit.If the celebration takes place in an informal atmosphere, then put one tone shirt and jeans, but avoid sports and old clothes.
Use perfume in moderation.After celebration usually takes place in the presence of a large number of invited guests.And the abundance of sharp flavors can be frustrating to others.

When choosing outer garments, if the wedding is in the winter, prefer the classic style.Naturally, in the room do not have to be in a jacket or coat, but probably will be shot camera or camcorder on the street.
Pay attention to your headpiece.Ladies can be present in the room with his head covered, in contrast to male.Hat does not have to be extravagant.Outfit to wear to the wedding, should not overshadow the bride or groom dresses, as it will look disrespectful to the heroes of the occasion.