Give the bride and groom original greetings in verse.Compose yourself or order personalized greeting young.Let it be cheerful and reflect the interests, passions and feelings newlyweds .You can tell in verse a little history of their acquaintance and love, and in the end to wish a long and happy family life.
Mount film about how love lived before the wedding.It may be a small movie from photos and home video excerpts.Another great idea - a greeting interview from loved ones.Take a camera and ask relatives, friends and colleagues say a few warm words of the future spouses.Add a couple of compliments from strangers passers people, it will be interesting.During the celebration, hang on a wall screen of white paper and show through a video projector newlyweds.Recording can also be shown on a laptop, but
the big screen will demonstrate greetings to all the guests.
Organize the bride and groom "money rain".The money you are going to give the young, exchanged for smaller denominations of 500, 100 and 50 rubles.Buy bright big umbrella and gently along its perimeter (the bottom) and the spokes sew currency notes or attach them with tape.Received cash umbrella neatly folded, but not contracted.When the wedding it is your turn to congratulate the young, wish the couple love, happiness, luck and money that rained down on them from the sky like rain.At these words go to the bride and groom, and open an umbrella over them with banknotes.On the part of such greetings it looks interesting and very original.
Surprise newlyweds can be not only interesting congratulations, but also an unusual gift.Buy them a certificate to the spa or a pay survey flight in a balloon.A T-shirt with their photos and wishes love and happiness will become a pleasant addition to the main gift.