First, do not try to look older than their age, do not wear black dresses, avoid tight tissues .Choose a light, airy model, better knee, from delicate chiffon or light flowing silk.

long white dress with a corset is associated with a wedding, so in that you still have time to show off.Now choose pastel shades, light beige, peach or vanilla, cream , ecru.

urgent now asymmetry in the dress.For example, one bare shoulder, framed decor in the form of shuttle, looks attractive and spectacular deep neckline, because there is a mystery, a mystery.Yet flounces, ruches, ruffles, drapes accentuate your youth, freshness, purity, romance.

If you want something bright - easily dress up in saturated colors

: coral, lemon, pink and purple, green, pistachio.

Accessories for prom deserve special attention.No black leather bags and belts.Pick a small handbag or clutch, combined with the color of dresses and shoes.Nuance: a bright-colored dress bags requires more muted shades.And vice versa.

Makeup is better to choose a light to tons of makeup did not conceal your youth, natural charm.The same goes for hair.The simpler, easier installation, so you will look prettier.And do not overdo it with nail hair and the number of pins.

Finally, shoes.Special chic and femininity girls give shoes with heels.Although, if you want to keep the ball resistance, choose shoes with thick heels or wedges.Flirty and playful outdoor light will look sandals (but do not forget that the sandals will not tolerate stockings).

Be guided by a sense of proportion, approach to the selection of attire for the prom easily and happily - and you'll be at the ball the most charming and attractive.