Make of big-box doll house.Tape the wallpaper, put a toy inside the furniture and interior.Print pictures of the bride and groom, cut from magazines of people silhouettes of suitable size and glue them face newlyweds.Also you can put pictures on the heads of the little dolls and PUPS.
If you give money to young, is located in a safe or a doll house, "Granny's Chest", put the bill back.Hand house heroes of the occasion during the greetings, comment in comic form that is in the house, for example, "on the walls of the photos from your honeymoon, but the groom in the hallway did not dokleil piece of wallpaper ...".
Place the box in broken glass, wrap the wrapping paper and tie
with ribbons.During congratulations tell that to give to the young tea set and now it will bring.On the way you need to fall nicely all to hear the sound of breaking glass, try to play as much as possible natural, draw disorder.With the words, "nothing can be done, you will have to choose their own service" Hand envelope.
If you congratulate a large group of young, Teach a simple dance.You can select a song from the motion of a film or advertising.If anyone gets confused, it will only highlight in the performance.
Draw or order in printing several large banners with slogans.Under the romantic music slowly flipping them.As a hint, use the movie "Love Actually", where the heroine Keira Knightley know that we love the best friend of her husband.For example, the poster with the image of Jason Stethema place the inscription "We thought you accept the offer, but you prefer ...".You can then print the ridiculous, but did not hurt the groom's photo.Last poster should be the epitome of sheer happy ending.