Try to think logically.If a pedestrian will bypass bus from behind, he will face transport, which moves in the opposite direction.This "meeting" is extremely dangerous, as the car can not be stopped immediately.If, however, a pedestrian will bypass bus front, as so many hurrying adults, in this case, he did not see the traffic, the next in the same direction.Similarly, the driver of the vehicle moving in the same direction can not see the pedestrian because of the bus standing well.As a consequence - an emergency situation.
To avoid such emergencies, adults should always show the children these mistakes of pedestrians on the street, and even simulate own situation together.Take the child
by the hand and go to the bus from standing outside the station.Show him that because of the vehicle is part of the carriageway is hidden, but if the road is not visible, consequently, it is impossible to go.
Unfortunately, some parents do not teach their children that, forgetting or neglecting the education of the child about the behavior on the roadway.As a result, there are cases when a child runs out of ignorance on the road because of the standing vehicle, being sure of safety, then falling under the wheels of a moving vehicle.
It is important to teach children to cross the road, find a place where the roadway is clearly visible on both sides far enough.This place will be marked crosswalk or at an intersection.Thus, leaving the bus and trolley bus or you need to get to the sidewalk or curb, then on the sidewalk side of the road or walk to the nearest crosswalk or intersection, and there has to cross the road.
very same transition should be carried out in two stages: first you need to go through several steps before reaching the bus and or other vehicle, limiting visibility on the roadway;Make sure you can see the road well and good drivers see you, check that your local vehicle was at least 50 meters, and only then go on the road.Even better would be to wait until the closing review of standing bus , trolley bus or other vehicles drive off, and then cross the road.