you need
  • - desire
  • - ability to write meaningful lyrics
  • - the ability to rhyme
  • - paper
  • - handle
  • (the last two points successfully replacesProgram Word on your computer)
Argued that the song - is any poem, set to music.I hasten to disappoint you: it is not so.Not any verse can be set to music.Yes, and not under any verse can write music.All should be combined.If you approach this issue from a philosophical point of view, the rock - this is not wanton mockery of musical instruments.This is
one of the directions of music that lives long enough.First of all, the creation of a song depends on what style you prefer.It can be a song, a story, a song-recognition, reasoning and song-like.This is a long and painstaking work over the text.
Here begins a more interesting story.In this article we will try to make music.And please note, it is the "writing" of music, not "work."Composing we write in the classroom when the teacher does not want to mess around with us, and then we create, create, so it is writing music.
Again, the music depends on what style you prefer to play - brute force, combat, zapilivaem solo or slide on the reefs - there's anyone that.The best option would be to combine different tones, that is, the chorus is one motive to another verse.This creates a kind of musical diversity of text and make the songs more vivid, more colorful, more "juicy".
And finally, the most difficult - you need to keep the melody and lyrics.It will have to withstand a certain pause, accelerate or slow down the pace, to move from one style to another.Often, the word will not get into the music, then you have to work again on the text or on the music, or over both.When everything is reduced, play this song and chant it.It must be the soul, if you write a song team, then rewrite it as long as it's not say "I love."Only in this case, the song may be entitled to a success.