Feature is written in an arbitrary form and signed by the neighbors, who expressed a desire to do it.Since the characteristics of the text should list all who will sign it in advance bypass its neighbors .Agree to them, can be oral, text characteristics obtain their agreement and ask for information about the surname, name and patronymic, their exact passport data and address information of residence.The more signatures you will be able to collect, the better.
When making characteristics of residence adhere to general rules of design characteristics.In the header, specify the kind of characteristics and to whom it has been supplied with a full indication of the surname, name and patronymic, and address of residenc
The Inquiry into parts specify the year and place of birth of a person, place of work and positions that he held.Specify how long the citizen resides at the address and describe the composition of his family.The list must specify all those who live with him, the extent of their relationship, age, the age of majority.
main text characteristics start with the words: "According to neighbors :ยป list and a list of those who had shown a desire to sign the characteristic .The list, in addition to the surname, name and patronymic, passport data and enter the address of the residence.
List complaint neighbors , if they were, otherwise, be sure to note their absence.Tell us about the steady-state relationship, reflect the facts of abuse of alcohol or drugs, violations of the hostel.Do not forget to list the facts and socially useful activities, participation in the improvement of common areas, help to neighbors.Describe in detail all the positive things have taken place.
Print characteristic and collect signatures of all the persons whom you have it pointed out.It must necessarily seal the homeowners or the housing department, responsible for the maintenance of your site.Assures the signature and seal must be put and the local inspector.