comes from the fact that a card is handed over to the birthday of the band, I decided to read aloud.Bored when greeting reduced to the reading of the finished poem, printed in the card.It is not only prick pride congratulations, but also will demonstrate the lack of congratulating fantasy or desire to come up with a personalized birthday greetings.Try to write a greeting that says something about the personality of the person you congratulate and show the ratio of staff to the birthday.
List the merits of his colleagues praise his business acumen.Beat funny situations that happened at work with this person, in which, however, he looked like the best way.Humor is present in your greetings should be good.If you have concerns about how to treat Congratulation
s varying severity, it is better to exclude such a joke at all.
When the card is addressed to the Chief, the irony in his address is not valid.Good manners require that the greeting was attended by Chief of the recognition of his qualities of leadership, his personal merits and achievements under his leadership team.
well imagine greetings in verse.Such greetings avoids banal hackneyed phrases like "We wish you health, happiness and success in his work."In addition, a poem - a great way to express congratulations briefly but succinctly.
The blank card on a single page Congratulations, and another page fill the signatures of colleagues.It would be great if the total congratulating each employee to write a few words on my own behalf.You can be sure that such a birthday card to be stored even after years.
The card is accepted to put his signature, and write full name and the name of the employee (or family name, first name, if your workplace is accepted such treatment to each other).If, among the rank and file and a postcard signed by the chief, his name should either open or close the list of congratulations.