When making an exhibition of children's works, consider the title of the exhibition (the sign).It should reflect the theme of the exhibition, to be tastefully decorated.At the same time, the sign should not distract the audience's attention from the children's work.In addition, place an ad on the opening of the exhibition.
When organizing collective exhibitions stick to one style in the design.All works must be signed by (name of the author of the work, the age group).Signatures must be performed by a single font in a single color on a piece of the same size and color.
All works are arranged so that they do not overlap.The audience should be able to see all the crafts in detail.Higher working position in the far background
.Crafts lower place in front.Such staggering crafts ensure a smooth transition from one exhibit to another during the inspection.
When making an exhibition of handicrafts made from natural materials (such as vegetables, fruit, moss, etc.), consider the fact of damage to the material used.Daily Revise crafts, eliminating spoiled work.As a rule, the validity of such exhibitions is limited.
organizing solo exhibition , also pay attention to the design of signage.It also spells out the name of the exhibition, the name and surname of the author of works, his age and the visiting team.Each work must be framed and signed.
Visiting the exhibition guide the audience needed work.They could be someone from teachers or parents.Personal exhibition may be the child - the author (accounted for age).This gives the child a sense of confidence, teaches him to express their thoughts, communicate them to others.
After visiting the exhibition the audience, ask them to write a review for the exhibition.This will help to identify the positive and negative aspects in the organization and prevent errors in the future.In addition, positive feedback will be high for the assessment of their children's work.