Church says that visit cemeteries and burial is possible and necessary to all people, even for pregnant women.It is believed that people who do not forget their loved ones, receive a blessing from God.But, of course, it should be done only if there is desire.Pregnant women are not recommended to go to the cemetery, if you are not feeling very good.Especially if it is early pregnancy.But the specific prohibitions in this regard have no church.

Perhaps the notion that pregnant women are prohibited to visit the cemetery, is mere superstition.However, we must not forget that during the fu
neral of a woman is experiencing a lot of negative emotions and strong tension that can affect not only her health but also the health of the baby.Any stress during pregnancy - the cause of possible future ailments and diseases.This is one explanation for why pregnancy is not worth visiting the cemetery.Of course, if a woman has the need to go to the funeral of a loved one, and it is ready to control your emotions, it is not prohibited.

second reason why pregnant women are not recommended to visit the cemetery and the funeral is settled superstition associated with the existence of the human aura.It disappears immediately after his death, but only after some time.It is believed that prior to his disappearance, the aura of the cemeteries are in the form of essential structures that are able to have an impact on living objects, which is not always positive.The most susceptible to such influence children are, the more - not born.Therefore, pregnant women, especially those who believe in magic and the afterlife, should beware of visits to places of burial or attending funerals.It is necessary to take into consideration the fact that during pregnancy in women greatly increases mistrust, as a result they themselves can set yourself up for a negative way.