determine the structure and style of the business card.If you are preparing for a scientific competition, try to present themselves and their work clearly demonstrating real achievements.Participation in creative competitions allows you to show imagination and surprise the jury not only their skills, but also a versatile education and talents.From topics of competition depends on the likely choice of costume.Try to dress so that your image is in harmony with the hallmark, and the overall situation.
Decide in what form you present a business card.You can write a text on paper or type on the keyboard, and save the file to an electronic medium.Do not rely only on your memory and be su
re to make a copy.The jury also need to give one instance.Be sure to provide basic information about yourself: name, initials, age, and, if necessary, education and jobs.
Demonstrate business cards in all their talents and achievements.If you are waiting for a creative competition has a focus on the theme of the contest, and in addition include the scenario references to other abilities.Make your statement logical and structured.Do not make the business card is too long, the normal duration of the presentation should not be more than 10-15 minutes.
Record music for a business card, if it is appropriate.Based on the theme of the contest, pick a dynamic entry to create an appropriate viewing experience.If the event takes place between employees or representatives of the same profession (eg teacher or tutor), do a background of classical music or the sounds of nature, just decorate your presentation.
If the room has a special equipment (dvd or projector), prepare a slide show composed of photos describing your abilities.This collection is better to do on a particular subject, the ability to show you how versatile developed person.