Write down key words that you would like to say to the hair dryer.It may be common words are used in life.For the majority of them in the hair dryer is exchange.So just collect your basic vocabulary and write down these sentences on paper.It is better to let these phrases will be initially a little, over time you will increase their number.It is much easier for you the process of memorizing phrases hair dryer.
Download or buy in the store dictionary of criminal slang, argot
and of course give a damn about.As you can see, the names (and self) for the same set of concepts thought up, so be prepared to advance to the painstaking work that is similar to learning a foreign language, with the only difference that the letter and its pronunciation you do not have to study.
Take a sheet of commonly used phrases you created in step 1. Find equivalent for each word of each phrase in the dictionary.Then compose these words into a single sentence.For example, the most common phrase for the so-calledForeigners (and people staying in prison for the first time, no more than there is a foreigner), is the phrase "Are you talking about the jargon?".Translation is very simple - "bot on hair dryer?".Likewise translate each sentence and say it aloud for better memorization.This will lay the foundation for the study give a damn about in your consciousness.Sample phrases: "empty push" - "to say nonsensical things";"The suit so laid" - "it happened";"Tanks peg" - "lie, diverting attention away from the fact."
Learn Fenya planned, because, as mentioned earlier, the jargon - is a foreign language.Repeat again learned each day and try to be monologues.And, of course, try to communicate with the media - for example, with former criminals.I'm sure it will give you a lot of valuable advice on the study give a damn about, just be careful and do not try to pass for her, it could be dangerous.