you need
  • - TV or a computer connected to the Internet;
  • - phone with sufficient funds in the account.
participate in voting is possible only during the live broadcast, so check in advance with a program of performances.Voting is conducted in two stages - in the semi-selected the best performers, and the final - the winner.
At the appointed time, Sit in front of TV or computer monitor and start watching.To be the most objective in the vote in advance and view video rehearsal of participants (the video appears on the Internet for a few days before the contest).All members serve under the numbers assigned to them, which are known in advance.
When viewing a note to a specified phone number, as well as the number of the participant.
If you liked speaking just party and vote for it, gaining a specified number, and the last two digits - the number of participant countries.
Another way to vote at Eurovision - send an SMS to a specified short number of four digits.At the same time in the "text" enter the number of the participant.Votes may be cast only for 15 minutes after the performance (so the chances of the speakers at different times of the contestants are equalized).
Do not even try to vote for his country at the Eurovision Song Contest, it is prohibited by the rules of the contest.Votes may be cast only for the participants from other countries, and from your phone number, you can not send more than 20 SMS or calls.As the calls and SMS Paid (1-2 euros), so in advance to deposit their money operator.
Wait until the end of the competition and scoring.In addition to the votes of viewers are voting by the national jury.The jury selects some of the best songs and puts them scores from 1 to 12. Then the points from viewers and the jury summed up - this is the final assessment of the country participants.The contestant from the country with the highest number of points wins.