Do not panic, but do not sit idly by, prepare for possible military action.War rarely comes all of a sudden, it can be found on some of the changes in society: the injection conditions, improper attitude towards representatives of different nationalities, rumors and whispers in line stores.
Walk through the apartment and look at familiar things from the other side - household furnishings can be useful to protect the home from the attack of looters.
Take weapons, if any, walk around the apartment and try to find the most successful for the defense of the place.Look what the firing angle of the windows.In the confined space of apartment fire is not recommended because there is a risk to get into some of the family members.
wary of marauders.This is usually loners who robbery pushes hunger or thirst for easy money.However, there may occur and the whole gang, who are able to disguise themselves as police.One family could not resist them, so team up with neighbors.Note looters may send women and children to explore.
Create self-defense groups, and then think through strengthening that blocked the entrance to the courtyard.It is reasonable to put on duty near the fortified entrance of two or three people.For barriers using furniture, boards, sandbags.
Engage in search of asylum and resettlement.This may be a cellar, built of brick with reinforced roof.Required emergency exit, a suitable place for a toilet, a jar with water, the ventilation system.Insulate cellar floor boards and think about how it will be heated during the cold season.For seekers can also use the cellar, which is necessary to insulate the floor and walls, to find a place for the toilet and water storage.
Then think about the collection of water.Keep drinking water in large jars.To this should be a separate utensils.Do not rely on water that could be seriously damaged when the bomb attacks.Immediately after the outbreak of hostilities are looking for additional sources of water.It can be kept in hospitals, fire brigades, military units and city reservoirs.After disconnecting the water supply pipes may be some water.You can reach it through the well water supply in the street.
Start your search of food.After the domestic food reserves run out, have to look for food in abandoned warehouses and product databases.Fishing - another source of food in conditions of war.
Get used to respect the military that can conduct centralized verification of documents and search for unregistered weapons in homes.Listen carefully to the instructions of men in uniform with epaulets and weapons.Disobedience could end sadly.Refers to a procedure multiple checks with understanding.