The first thing, of course, you need to learn musical notation.It is very easy and the training given in any textbook for beginning musicians, so this problem should arise.Next you need to learn how to sit at the piano.Do not ignore this step, since a lot depends on the landing.Sitting should be as high as possible and as far as possible from the instrument.The distance between the body of your body and the piano lid must be equal to the distance of outstretched arms.Sitting only need the edge of the chair.

Once you have taken the correct position, you can proceed to the analysis of the product.If you are quite new, it is not necessary to choose too complicated a work in which a lot of chords, fast pace, because if you do not succeed, you

will be disappointed and will throw making music.Try to start to choose texts that fewer different transitions, but that it necessarily you like.Having defined the product, it is best to familiarize themselves with the text, examining each hand separately, and then combine them.Do not forget about the expense.

to start better count out loud or use a metronome.The most important thing - it is not to be clamped during the game.You need to sit up straight, and the body should be relaxed and the fingers grasping.You have to enjoy their game, not just memorize the text.The fingers themselves remember the direction in which they move after a few repetitions.In order to learn very well any work, it will need to play more than one hundred times.To the music really sounded live, you have to feel where to play louder, quieter and where;where associate sounds, which play a jerky;where slow, and where he quickly ran his fingers over the keys.This will not be achieved if you do not feel free.Trust your fingers and emotions, then art is born.