In the early 90s it became known why in fact Michael Jackson decided to change the color of the skin.It turned out that the King of Pop suffered once was regarded as a rare autoimmune disease - vitiligo.In the early eighties the color of the skin of the singer could be defined as a medium-brown, but after a few years, changing color was evident.It was then that the dermatologist Arnold Klien Jackson put a terrible diagnosis.The disease has caused the appearance of white spots on the skin, as well as increased sensitivity to ultraviolet epide

Facts and rumors

In the early 80s, Michael had underweight.It is almost a lifetime to meet strict diet, almost starved.Due to lack of nutrients he often felt dizzy, he became extremely irritable.Journalists and detractors began to suspect a mental disorder at the singer, which manifests itself in sverhperfektsionizme, constant dissatisfaction, inability to adequately assess their appearance.One or two notes in the tabloid press became fertile soil for rooting hearing on the deliberate change in skin color.In fact, Michael Jackson's skin lightened, regardless of his wishes.In medicine it is called spontaneous depigmentation.And the tone changed uneven spots.Due to illness face was deformed.To keep the "commodity" type of singer again and again resorted to facial surgery.

Very often pop idol had to spend 3-4 hours in the dressing room, waiting for specialist cover his face with tons of makeup.Hide spot was not easy, but often it is still able to do.

Confession King of Pop

February 10, 1993 at a press conference, Michael Jackson told the world and the cause of the strange behavior and unusual appearance.The first symptoms of vitiligo, he noticed in his mid-70s.While scientists and doctors have been too little is known about the disease.Ways to address or change any medication for vitiligo was not.The only solution to such a public person like Jackson became a disguise spots with the help of cosmetics.Michael resented the attention precisely to that fact.He wondered why no one discusses the millions of people who decide to make the skin darker and go sunbathing and elicit why his skin was lighter.The singer also said that he never wanted to and did not try to become white.He could not control a complex genetic disease, but because at first tried to cover blind spots.But then they became so great that I had to align the overall skin tone is for highlights.

Even compared with ordinary people Caucasian Michael Jackson seemed too pale.This sharp contrast in different areas of the skin is possible only in patients with vitiligo.

Dermatologist Jackson in the same 1993 affidavit said that really put the King of Pop diagnoses "Vitiligo" and "lupus" in 1986 and wrote a cure.As part of the means by which Michael Jackson was hoping it was a compound called monobenzon hydroquinone.This is a fairly powerful tool with a permanent effect.This is the depigmentation cream and different from conventional bleaching.For healthy people, the cream usually contain hydroquinone, which gives a temporary effect.

Experts say that if the method of repigmentation been sufficiently studied in the 90s, Michael Jackson still would be alive and well.

Vitiligo in the Jackson family

Michael was not the only one in his family who suffered from vitiligo.In February 1993, he gave an interview with Oprah Winfrey, which said that the disease was transmitted from generation to generation through the father, but not everybody gets them.The singer has repeatedly emphasized that it is always proud of his membership in the African-American culture.Several years ago it became clear that Michael's eldest son is also suffering vitiligo.