When you create a personal, family coat of arms can go three ways.
search.This method is suitable for those who have ancestors appear in the aristocratic lady.Every noble family had its own coat of arms, a poem, if you manage to find a noble ancestor, then you have every right to his coat of arms can be used.In the current legislation there are no conditions on what degree relative may use the family coat of arms.
path of least resistance.Consult a professional organization, which is engaged
in the creation of heraldry.Make it the coat of arms and will draw on all canons.Find a company on the Internet is easy.Just before agreeing to the creation of your Coat of Arms make sure that the firm has considerable expertise in heraldry.Otherwise, you get a beautiful picture, the meaning of which is not clear to experts.
first rule - a combination of materials and colors.Just Heraldry used 7 colors.Two colors of metal: gold and silver.Five enamel colors: green, blue, red, black, purple.If the pattern is made of a metal emblem (yellow or white), then it is impossible to apply other metal (white to yellow and vice versa).The same is true of enamel.An exception may be the case if the coat is divided into sectors.
Remember the symbolism of flowers.Gold or yellow - a symbol of justice, generosity and wealth.Silver (white) - the symbol of innocence and purity.Red - it's bravery and courage.Blue - the beauty, majesty, gentleness.Green - the joy, abundance and hope.Purple - a symbol of power.Use only the royals.Black - humility, prudence and grief.
Previously, coat of arms consisted of different parts.It included a shield, cloak, helmet, crown, motto, supporters and so on.Today, only use a shield coated with a pattern.So, you must first draw the shield.On top of him superimposed figure.Choose a shape that symbolizes the main occupation of your family.If you have a family dynasty of doctors, then place on the shield symbol of medicine - the snake from the bowl.If war, then the shield will weapon - a sword, a spear, and so on.If desired, place the shield the motto of his family.It should be succinct, it is desirable to make it in Latin.