review, or review, a work of art should be composed of several items.The first paragraph give the general characteristics of the picture, its factual description, details indicate that it is you see.Make a special emphasis on the points that particularly attract attention and leave a lasting impression.For example, "In picture shown turquoise sea, particularly attracted the attention of a beautiful silver sand, striking the endless blue sky, there is a feeling of peace that only violates the sound of the surf and distant bursts of fun."
Further, it is useful to go through all the associations, thoughts that come to you in the head by
what he saw.For example, "Landscape painting is associated with the release of which is so eager to hold on to the shores of the azure sea, away from the bustle of the daily grind, to plunge into the peace and quiet."
In the next section will give all the senses of what he saw.Admiration of the scanned product can be expressed in an enthusiastic manner.For example, "delicious", "amazing", "class", "super", "I want to see a picture every day, waking up in the morning."Give this assessment, which is closest to you in colloquial genre.
developed his own idea.Describe in detail what came to mind after seeing.Describe what you need to add some detail of the artist lost sight of what the picture would be impressed if it to make additional views, change the color of paint or draw in a different style sheet.
In conclusion, let describe the general characteristics of the works of the artist and their characteristics are described picture .Give direction for further work, indicate what style, genre you like to see in the future plan to buy any product for their own interior, the collection or as a gift.Summarize all described you.For example, "Contemporary Painting more pleased burning and intense works.Contemporary creativity and expressiveness overcame postmodernism, returning to the world of real connoisseurs of reality, all young artists opened the brink of creativity that was previously unavailable and shone with new colors. "