you need
  • - application;
  • - a ticket to the concert.
If the concert was canceled, you have every right to return spent on the ticket money or exchange a ticket to another.This area is regulated by the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights and the offender may be subject to administrative responsibility.
to return the money, try to contact the ticket office where you bought a ticket and ask for a refund.If you refuse to do it there, ask them about the organizer of the concert events and find it a legal address.
Write two identical applications for a refund on a ticket to a concert frustrated, attach a copy of the ticket and hand one copy of the document to the chief of the company, responsible for the concert.In the second statement, he has
to put his signature on the receipt.If he refuses to accept them, send the documents by registered mail with the notice and list of contents.At the expiration of 30 days from the date of delivery, he must return the money.
Without waiting for their money in the first month, feel free to hire a lawyer and go to court.Do not forget to ask the court to recover from the organizer as the costs of the representative of your interest and compensation for moral harm you.
return ticket you are entitled to in the case, if you decide not to go to the concert.According to Art.32 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights", you have the right to refuse services at any time, subject to payment of the costs incurred by the organizer.At the same time Art.252 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation of 05.08.2000, states that all costs must necessarily be justified and documented.If the organizer will confirm the documents costs incurred, you will get only a portion of the amount.
To return the ticket and get his money back, first talk to the cashier or the leadership of the organizer of the concert, based on these laws.If this does not work, proceed according to the above rules.
When the money has not been returned within 30 days, try to write a complaint to the local committee on culture.It fully explain the situation and attach a copy of the statement handed a refund.Last resort will the court.