One of the most famous German bands in today's music industry is Rammstein.A distinctive feature of the band - to withstand all the songs a specific rhythm and shocking lyrics.Shocking is felt everywhere - in music videos, live shows, appearance and clothing.World fame brought Rammstein studio album Mutter.In 2001-2002, he was a great tour to support the album, which has increased the number of fans of the rock band.Due to the songs, which are dominated by the themes of violence, selfishness and brutality, team members are often criticized by the media in many countries.Rammstein winner of many international and German awards in the world of music.
Tokio Hotel - a young group, founded in 2001 in the small
town of Magdeburg.It was created by twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz.Then they were joined by Gustav Schafer and Georg Listing.Singles collective begin climbing the music charts in 2005.In September of the same year, Tokio Hotel in the light released his first album Schrei.All the group's concerts are stunning sold out and tickets are bought in the first days of sale.Musical project awarded several prizes MTV.The band members sing songs in German, in his texts affecting social problems such as orphanhood, drug addiction and suicide.
Among the representatives of the pop group the most successful German formation is considered Modern Talking.The staff in the 80 years of the 20th century became popular throughout the world for a greatest hits You're My Heart, You're My Soul.The reasons lie group of international fame in the dance style of performing singles in English, the original tone of voice of Thomas Anders and unique format of songs.Modern Talking broke twice and again reunited.Today, both members of the group act individually.
Legendary music band Scorpions is a group of well-known on the world rock scene, which has sold about 100 million copies of the records.However, the path to worldwide fame at the band was heavy.It was created in 1965 and only in 1989 with the release of Crazy World, the group began to take leading positions in the world's music charts.In 1992, the Scorpions going on a world tour, a perennial.Veteran rock music today perform at concert venues.
to the best German bands also include Lacrimosa, Oomph, Cinema Bizarre Eisbrecher and Ich und Ich.