• clothes in which a man died, it is desirable to burn.You do not need it to someone to give.If the relatives of the deceased want to leave her memory, then in any case it should not be worn for forty days.

  • better to wash the deceased at the same hour when he died.

  • bury a person in need of new clothes, or at least clean.

  • Never wear the clothes, having no remnants of the blood and sweat of the deceased.

  • If the deceased during his lifetime has asked to be buried in a particular dress, then his request to be executed.

  • If the deceased was in the military, be sure to put it in a military uniform.

  • Top of the deceased are usually covered with white veil.On his forehead to put the crown, depicting Jesus Christ, the Virgin and St. John the Baptist.On the crown have to be written in Old Slavonic prayer.In the hands of the deceased is given an icon or
    a cross.

  • If the family of the deceased have the opportunity to invite a priest, then it should be implemented.If not - then you need to call specific people involved in the reading of psalms and dirges service.Some carry the corpse to the funeral in church.

  • on the coffin of the deceased placed four candles, and close to the body - a glass of water, a small piece of bread and a small dish of millet.

  • Blood relatives do not have to wash the floor in the room where the coffin.

  • Relatives should not go before the coffin with wreaths and wine.

  • the cemetery decided to kiss the dead man in Venice, which lies on the forehead and hands.From the tomb sure to pick up fresh flowers and icon.

  • If the dead man had been a watch or some other decoration, shoot them in any case impossible.

  • Before zakolachivaniya cover dead man's face is hidden.The coffin was lowered into the grave is usually on towels, which are then handed out to people.

  • coffins should be lowered so that the deceased was lying head to the east.The tomb throw a few coins, and then land.The first to throw her relatives.

After the funeral, it is necessary to remember the deceased.For this family of the deceased arranges a memorial meal.Held it is usually in the house where the deceased lived.On the table have to be kutia and pancakes with butter.You must also first and second serves.In the wake also cooked pudding.Alcohol, by tradition, to the memorial table is prohibited.