Edward Snowden was born in North Carolina, in the town with the romantic name of Elizabeth City, and spent his childhood and youth in Maryland.There he graduated from high school and went to college, where he studied computer science.Interestingly, Edward is not the first time managed to get a diploma.
In 2003, Snowden has joined the ranks of the US Army, but failed during the exercises get fractures of both legs and was forced to leave the service

Snowden later got a job at the US National Security Agency.His task was to guard the secret of a facility located in the territory Uniersiteta Maryland.Presumably this was the CASL (Center for Advanced Studies of language).During his time Snowden has received approval level Top Secret, so he could
have access to many classified materials.
Since March 2007, Snowden has worked for the CIA, in the department of information security (with a degree in it the system administrator).Until 2009, he worked in the United Nations under the guise of representation, and the United States engaged in the security of computer networks.

However, at one point, Edward became disillusioned with the American secret services.He told how in 2007 witnessed a very hard-hitting stories: CIA watered Swiss banker, sat behind the wheel and was persuaded to go home.When he was arrested for drunk driving, the agents offered him a deal - assistance in exchange for access to classified information of the bank.Snowden said that during his service in Geneva, he saw the work of his government brings the world much more harm than good.Edward hoped that with the advent of Barack Obama the situation will change for the better, but it only became worse.

Edard resigned from the CIA and recently with his girlfriend rented a house in Hawaii and worked at Booz Allen Hamilton.

disclosure of secret information

In January 2012, Snowden wrote a number of encrypted emails - Laura Prayglave Fund a free press, journalist "The Guardian" Glenn Greenwald and the author of "The Washington Post" Barton Gellmanom.He offered to supply them some secret information than vskre and engaged.

June 6, 2013 the public learned of the existence of PRISM - the state top secret US program.The program focuses on production and not very sensitive information on the Internet, to cooperate willingly went with her, companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo !, Facebook, and others.In the ranks of employees of the National Security Agency was dominated by utter chaos and hysteria, they promptly turned to the FBI for pomschyu in the investigation.

In fact, thanks to Snowden Americans learned that they can be made for a mass surveillance through e-mail, telephone, video chats and personal correspondence in social networks.

atkzhe Snowden leaked the information about the existence of the British Tempora tracking program and that the UK security services got into computers and monitored calls foreign politicians at the summit Big Twenty (London, 2009).

These and many other unclassified information have caused great damage to the US Secret Service and the United Kingdom.

Snowden said that the reports not all sensitive data, but only those that do not cause harm to specific people, but to help even for a second to make the world better - people need to know that their privacy can penetrateany time.

What next?

After the disclosure of secret data, May 20, 2013 Snowden took a vacation in the NSA, said goodbye to his girlfriend and flew to Hong Kong.June 6, he said Gellmanu that his house had been searched in Hawaii - the same day the secret data have been published in the "Washington Post" and "The Guardian."

June 22 the US State Department called on the authorities of Hong Kong with the demand to extradite him to the United States, but the authorities refused to do so - they are not satisfied with some of the wording in the request.

June 23 began the adventure Snowden connected with Russia.Received information that Edward Snowden, together with the representative of Wikileaks Sarah Harrison arrived at Moscow airport "Sheremetyevo".Not having a Russian visa Snow had no right to cross the border with Russia, so remained in the transit zone "Sheremetyevo".According to press reports, Snowden and Harrison did not even get to the airport building, and immediately boarded a car with numbers in the Venezuelan Embassy and fled in an unknown direction.In the evening on June 23 Snowden asked for political asylum from the Ecuadorian government.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on June 25 reported that Russia has no relation to the actions of Edward Snowden, never led, and lead him anything to do, he did not commit crimes on the territory of Russia, because there is no reason for his arrest and transferUS authorities.

June 30 Sarah Harrison submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian documents and Snowden's request for political asylum in Russia.Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia will provide shelter fugitive saboteur, but with the condition that he will cease to harm the US government.

It is not clear exactly how the situation will develop further, but the fact remains - Edward Snowden has opened the world's eyes on the information that greatly undermine the reputation of the US and the UK.

Upon returning to the United States Snowden faces a prison term of up to 30 years, while his supporters collected millions of signatures on his behalf, and in Hong Kong carried out a petition against the walls of the US Embassy.