Get medical examination.If beatings serious and fraught with internal bleeding, you should call an ambulance.If the victim is able to move independently, its route - to the nearest trauma center.Medical report - a 95 percent success rate.The five percent fall beatings and torture that do not leave marks on the body.But as a rule, the aggressor has special knowledge and skills in this area that can be mentioned in the application, if possible, backed up his words with facts.It will be considered at the stage of verification statements to the police.
In the first hours after beating the victim is in a state of shock, she was
not able to think coherently and analyze the situation.Man, I want to move aimlessly, throwing adrenaline or, on the contrary, to be in hiding, in the care of relatives.In fact, the best helpers in the first hours after the beating - a witness.It would be good to remember who might have witnessed the incident to be: a street seller, a courier driver, neighbors.In some cases, a witness may even be a taxi driver that takes the victim to the emergency room.The more witnesses saw the incident, the easier to prove in court the fact of beating and identify the offender.
Enlisting the support of witnesses and medical reports, the victim goes to the nearest police station.In case of failure, you should go to court.Of course, each witness can find a false witness, and the truth - rather nervous procedure.But law enforcement officials have the skills to identify inconsistencies in the testimony.In some cases, it is necessary to request the characteristics of the place of work, school and the district.This avoids outright slander.