If your disposal there is a real picture, and you want to know the author and the cost, it makes sense to turn to professional artists.This can be done via the website This page can help you evaluate your existing work of art, if you give it a full information, namely, the origin of the painting, the approximate time of creation, size (verticaland horizontal), the material and technology image (such as canvas, paper, cardboard, watercolor, pencil, oil, etc.).The description attach a good photograph.The image will be approximately evaluated by experts and will tell you whether it has any artistic value.
If you have only a reproduction, or are you just interested in some images, refer to the Resources page .Download the desired image on this site, and
before you open all the pages that contain the following picture.It is likely that this will be the site of the artist or some gallery where you can easily find out the name of the author.
Carefully review the image.Check if there is a signature on the painting, date, any other mark.If you are not strong in the painting, it makes sense to turn to the local art school teachers or employees of the museum.They are increasingly faced with works of art and style in the manner of drawing will determine the at least approximate time of creation.If you suspect that the painting was bought from local artists, the local history museum or art gallery in the city is likely to know, and himself, and his style of writing.So, in the short term you determine the value of your treasures.
In that case, if the picture looks quite old but well preserved, beware.If the first critic said that a picture is worth nothing and then offers to sell it for a ridiculous price, it makes sense to find out more about the canvas, trips to other lovers of art.Perhaps, in your hands is a little-known masterpiece, worth a lot of money.Especially you can not hurry with the sale, if the picture has got you inherited, and perhaps a familial heritage.