first people communicated with their counterparts as well as modern apes communicate - through a set of inarticulate sounds.This language was very meager and limited to different variations of combinations of vowels with a few consonants, and the tone of the ancient "conversation" asked facial expressions and tone of the speaker.In the first stage of the human species that was enough: there was no need to pass too much information to remote neighbors and future generations, and to each other.
After millennia in man there is a need to transmit the message, which would be invested much more sense than the signal on the hunt, attack,
fire, etc.These ancient people began to develop, and the first ancient languages.Long-distance information is transmitted through people-messengers only in oral form.
At the same time there is a need to keep the memory of the descendants of the events in a separate tribe or natural phenomena that troubled the first people.Writings at the time was not yet gifted individuals have come up with a way to transfer information, such as drawings (petroglyphs).The most famous examples of rock art are considered beautiful creations of ancient people in the caves of Australia.Amazingly beautiful and stylish images imprinted on the walls and rocks, scientists have named the style "Mimi."
Further development of human society compelled to invent new ways to communicate.The emergence of writing immediately gave a huge boost to humanity, it was an achievement of human thought and one of the first steps on the path to progress.Writing has gone through several stages of development, the first information is transmitted in the form of objects that could be directly or figuratively, this script is classified by modern historians and archaeologists as the objective.
Then came pictographic and hieroglyphic writing.Pictographic writing has the form of drawings, symbols painted on stones, plates, the bark of trees.This method was very imperfect, becauseI could not transmit the information in a more accurate way.One of the most amazing species of writing is knotted letter, it was a text written by a rope tied by a knot on it.Before modern man came very few such examples, the most famous - an Inca knotted knotted letter and Chinese.
hieroglyphic writing was soon replaced pictographic, and has existed in some states up until the last few centuries.Hieroglyphics were in the form of symbols that carry a particular meaning.The most famous Chinese, Japanese and Egyptian hieroglyphic writing.The latest invention of man is alphabetic writing.From hieroglyphic it differed in that the recording mark means not a specific word or phrase, and a separate sound or combination of sounds.