So characteristic is the official document that fixed the signature and seal.Characteristics can be presented to various authorities, so it is very important to properly arrange.It starts with the characterization of the capital.First you specify the title of the document (Character reference), and then specifies to whom it is made this characteristic.For example, the characteristics
to the head of the personnel department of CJSC "Stroymontazh»
Kurochkin Ivan StanislavovichaZaglavnaya part is made in the center, and you must specify the position, company name and full name of the person to whom written response.
next part characteristics head should include his personal data.You must specify
the surname, first name, date of birth of the chief.In addition, it is necessary to specify how long it takes the current position in the organization.When personal data is the most important part of the volume and characteristics - evaluation work head .This part should be given characteristic work your boss, and this assessment should be as objective and correct.You can list, which projects have been carried out under the leadership of this man, what positive changes have taken place in the organization under his leadership.
next part characteristics head includes an assessment of its business and personal qualities.Business qualities head manifested in his competence, professionalism and experience.You can assess how your boss to meet its supervisory functions as team work plans and supervises the staff.For personal qualities are his psychological qualities, communication skills, tolerance, the ability to find a common language with subordinates and others.
At the end of the characteristics necessary to sum up - do you think that your boss has all the necessary qualities head ?How to relate to his activities other slave?Remember that characterization is not allowed offensive expressions and value judgments are not backed by facts.After completing characteristic , be sure to include your name, initials and position in the organization.Under the name put signature and seal (if necessary).Normally characteristics drawn up in two copies - one copy supplied to the destination, and the other remains in the archives of the organization.