Tip 1: How to make a sculpture

sculpture can be made from different materials.From the most simple, such as clay and clay, to extremely difficult, for example, granite, bronze, iron wood.At its creation could take years, or an hour.It all depends on the task that you set for yourself.
you need
  • Plasticine sculpture, a piece of plywood sheet, aluminum wire, pliers, wood stacks.
Consider the idea for his sculptures.In order to clearly imagine it may help to light a sketch on a piece of paper in pencil.

Decide on the size of the sculpture, and material.For the beginner suitable clay.Unlike clay clay dries and hardens, and the work can be done for a long time.Height fit somewhere 30 centimeters.

sipped plywood sheet 15 by 15 centimeters.This will be your pedestal sculpture.

Make a frame of thick aluminum wire.Fold the lower ends of the frame and nail them firmly to the plywood.The framework should follow the movement of your future sculptures and fit her proportions.
How to make a sculpture
clay stuck to the frame.Jot do
wn the main mass of your sculpture.Well oblaplivayte frame plasticine should grab him tightly.

Process sculptural form with help of wooden stacks.Typing basic weight and adjust the aspect ratio, specify the details.Find


Circulate around the sculpture, see above and below.The sculpture should look from all angles.In contrast, the figure is three-dimensional sculpture.Do not forget that.Always check the detail that sculpt from all sides.

Take a good look at the sculpture.Its parts must be balanced.It should be filled up not de forward not backward or sideways.Make sure reference points sculptures.

Find the axis of symmetry.Check whether your symmetrical sculpture.Trust your good eye, but do not forget to check the measurements of the compass, or the stack.
How to make a sculpture
Find compositional center of the sculpture.If you make a human figure, most likely it will face.

Work through compositional center more carefully.Prilep details.Also, but less detail details stick in the whole sculpture.This may be folds of clothing, buttons, belt, or fur of an animal.

look without breaking any detail the basic shape of the figure.If somewhere you will see that too carried away with the details, overdone, summarize them lightly with your finger or the stack.

If the sculpture has gone, and it is you really like, you can consider in order to perpetuate it.Clay is not a reliable material.The easiest way to cast it in plaster or bronze.Well, the most beautiful and difficult to carve in marble.

luck and success in your work!
How to make a sculpture

Tip 2: How to make a sculpture out of snow

Snowmen snowmen and, of course, will not soon go out of fashion and no longer appear on the winter streets.But their numbers can bring variety, erecting their own hands this sculpture out of snow.Because they are more complex in form, for the manufacture of such masterpieces will take a little more time than on the snowman, but they stand for much longer due to water enshrined "foundation."
How to make a sculpture out of snow
you need
  • - shovel;
  • - watering;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - spatula / knife;
  • - spray;
  • - watercolor.
Choose a location where it will be your sculpture.Podyschu site, which is located far enough away from manholes and roofs: in the first case, the sculpture will slowly but surely to melt in the second - a fallen icicle can spoil the whole composition.
Ready mass, from which you'll be carving the sculpture, gradually.Shovel snow in one place slide height of about 70 cm, compacted her hands and cover with cold water.It is important that water is evenly distributed over the surface - it is possible to use a watering can.Leave blank for 2-3 days, during which time it is sufficiently chilled.
add to the existing snowdrift still about a meter of snow.Lay it on the layers of 15-20 cm and carefully compacted.The whole structure again wet and leave "freeze."Repeat these steps as long as the value of the workpiece does not exceed the estimated size of the sculpture is 10 centimeters on each side.
If you plan to make a complex structure with many details, draw a sketch on paper.Rate structure of figures - all of its proportions need to be adjusted so that the lower part of the snow clumps succumbed under the weight of the upper.
cut down the sculpture, since large parts, and gradually moving to the small.Trim all the excess and leave a rough shape is comfortable using a bayonet spade, smaller items can be cut with metal spatula and a broad knife.
When the approximate outline of the sculpture become visible, bring it to perfection, the ground surface is absolutely smooth to the state.First, there are large sandpaper, then "otlakiruyte" work soaked in cold water with a sponge.
Colorize watercolor snow sculptures can be diluted in plenty of water.Deal Bet facilities such paint from a spray (which is usually used for spraying indoor plants).
Helpful Hint: Use only plasticine sculptures.It is plain and will not detract from the form.Besides, it is cheaper.
If the frame is not strong enough, it can enhance the thick metal wire in the middle.