Before you start make a letter to the sponsor, it is necessary to carry out the necessary calculations.No self-respecting businessman will not waste time reading the vague wording of the letter with blurred.You must immediately explain clearly the potential sponsor , you want it to do, how much, in what form and in what terms.It is also a prerequisite for successful negotiations is the availability of accurate calculations.In his letter, you have to submit all their calculations on "how, where and in what quantities will spend the allocated money."In addition, your chances of success will greatly enhance the fact, if you miscalculate the benefit to be received by the person giving you the money to participate in your project.But in the descrip
tion of all your grand plans "to spread the idea of ​​the tree" is not worth it.Businessmen tend to be too busy with the day and painted.Therefore, to study 10 pages of your thinking no one will.Writing should be brief, but complete, especially highlighting those places that potential donors might be interested.Of course, in your letter, there should be no errors.
How to Write
template for writing this letter just three.And they relate to, basically, the structuring of the text.In the beginning you need to be sure to mention the program of planned events, then you need to describe all the advertising and promotional opportunities that you as organizer have.And also you need to paint the main objectives of the project, especially paying attention to a potential sponsor, the ability to attract new customers in the direction of the work philanthropist.
In preparing to write a sponsorship letter certainly need to find a list of all the interests of the potential sponsor.Maybe your event nothing can give him in terms of business, but very well with his hobbies.In addition, the collection of such information will help you not to be trapped, if you suddenly businessman asks you, "What am I going with this have?".In addition, since you will feel much more confident.By the way, if you are not confident in their abilities on drawing up a sponsorship letter for you gladly do it more.Firms that specialize in the preparation of such letters, asking for his services from 2500 to 3000 rubles.
How to Write