In today's world hours gradually lose their main purpose - to communicate the time of their owner and are increasingly being used as an item of clothing emphasizing the solid status of its owner, or tell us about the open nature of man orits sporting aspirations, etc.Therefore, any hours should be combined with the style of dress of the owner and the activity in which it is present.So, do not wear for a business meeting hours bright, "noisy" design is not suitable for business style.And in an informal meeting of friends will not do hours formal style.It is inappropriate to use a formal setting clock with fight, music, etc.If yo
u do not have hours that correspond to a particular event, it is better not wear a watch general.
Do not look at the clock during the conversation, not to offend the interlocutor.It is also wrong to taking guests emphasized often look at the clock , alluding to the fact that you are waiting for the guests go home.In the business environment there is an unwritten rule that the value should be equal to two months hours salary of their owner.The clock should be changed every 5 years.Those who wear them constantly, ideally, should have: costume hours - it is round, with a white dial, without any additional devices watch with a leather strap.Sports Watch - a powerful waterproof case, with robust strap.Casual hours - easier and cheaper suit, are not as reliable as sports.But rather elegant for all occasions.Representation hours .It is a heavy artillery hour.Use when you need to impress or most solemn and important events.Must be expensive, prestigious brands.When buying such a watch, make sure that you buy what you want and not banal forgery.
Watches can be worn on the right or on the left arm.This is usually done on the left, where it is easier to use the winding mechanism and the left hand is less involved, helping to protect the product from damage.Any hours matched the size of the wrist.Their body should not be wider than the wrist.On thin hand look bad massive hours , but do not look to the big little watch.Watches should always accurate bow wrist, merging with you.Only in this way they will create a single image - a harmonious and unique.