Do not worry and be serious.Your excitement will indicate that you are new in this business and do not have a considerable practice of interrogation.Thus, a person can hide from you some information, if you feel insecure.Trust yourself that you are an experienced employee, and has conducted various interviews many times.If you are going to believe it, make sure your experience interrogated and had no desire to deceive you.If there will not be able to behave seriously enough during the interrogation, the respect or fear towards you by the interviewee may be significantly reduced.Again, you might wish to hide part of the truth.
Learn to "break" a rogue.Through examination of a
person who is suspected of having committed any crime or offense, you must learn to look for the key phrase that "break" the suspect.This should be done gradually.Initially, study human behavior, talking with him and asking questions is not very important.During the study, identify what is important to the interviewee.Almost everyone has weaknesses, pressing on which you can achieve the desired result.By identifying fears and attachments, you can use these "levers" to improve the effectiveness of interrogation.Remember that the interviewee is often worse than the opportunity to experience the danger than the very opasnost.Odnako here need to know when to stop.If you feel that a person is unlikely to blame, it is not necessary to be zealous in the search for "pain points" and the pressure on them.
not recorded.You should not be distracted by the record during the actual questioning.All attention should be focused on the person, it is in a call.You must crooks without interruption to inspire fear and examine witnesses - confidence.Write down the information on the recorder.If you do not have it - has received record data after the active part of the questioning.